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Feb 20

How long will white women continue to vote Republican? | Jill Abramson

Republicans are panicking over dropping support among white women. The handling of recent domestic violence accusations only makes things worse Support for Donald Trump among white women is cratering. This helps explain why, after days of tacitly condoning alleged spousal abuse by Rob Porter, which Porter denies, and former White House speechwriter David Sorensen, who …

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Feb 15

There Is Some Surprising Progress for the Rights of Incarcerated Women

Several states are fighting to put an end to the time when women prisoners do not even make enough to afford a box of tampons. Women incarcerated in Arizona state prisons are currently allowed only 12 free menstrual pads a month and can possess a maximum of 24 pads at a time when they are …

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Feb 14

Republican women react to domestic violence charges and it is … underwhelming

It seems that Republican women—well, at least the three the Associated Press managed dig up for this article—aren’t happy with Donald Trump’s approach to domestic violence charges. Emphasis on “approach.” And here they are, fired up and ready to kick ass against domestic violence: “It’s the mixed signals. They’ve just got to be stronger, more consistent, clearer in the …

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Feb 14

Women in Arizona Prisons Are Having Trouble Getting Menstrual Products, and Republicans Refuse to Help

Inmates complain of "bloodstained pants, bartering and begging for pads and tampons." During a hearing earlier this month, following calls from the local branch of the ACLU, formerly incarcerated women along with their elected officials lobbied the Arizona Legislature to pass a bill that would make sanitary pads and tampons more available to incarcerated women. …

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Feb 13

Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Says the White House Is Unsafe for Women

The White House has a serious domestic abuse problem and won't deal with it. Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp conveyed a stunning reality on the Monday broadcast of her HLN show: Women who work at the White House are not safe at there and should stay home from work until they are. “Every single woman in …

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Feb 07

Cartoon: Lady Doritos—the chip for women

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Feb 03

Why Is Going Without Makeup Such a Big Deal for Women Who Usually Wear It?

Click here for reuse options! Instead of feeling liberated, going barefaced made me feel anxious and unkempt. The thought of staring at myself in the mirror for an hour in a workout class where I’m not wearing makeup makes my stomach turn. Aside from the occasional hiking trip, I haven’t gone a day without makeup …

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Feb 02

Open thread for night owls: Sojourner Truth speaks for the rights of black women to have the vote

Sojourner Truth, born into slavery in Ulster County, New York, as Isabella (Belle) Baumfree. She grew up speaking only Dutch. When she 9 years old, her master died and his estate was sold. She herself was sold along with a flock of sheep for $ 100 to a harsh master, and later sold twice more. …

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Jan 31

In the Age of #MeToo, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina Is a Model of Women Supporting Women

She took down a sexual predator, and made sure his victims got their power back. Dang, Patriarchy’s pathetic sometimes. And no, I'm not talking about the shriveled specter of former Spartacus star, Kirk Douglas at the Golden Globe ceremony. (Although that did explain why so many billionaires are spending mad money on anti-aging research.) No, …

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Jan 27

The Astonishing Numbers Behind the Republican Crusade Against Pregnant Women

America's infant mortality rate ranks among the highest in the developed world. Forty-five years after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, ending safe and legal abortion in the United States remains an obsession of the Republican Party, far-right Christian fundamentalists and the so-called pro-life movement. But their opposition …

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