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Mar 15

The New York Times and National Geographic Are Reckoning With Their Sexist and Racist Pasts in Very Different Ways

Click here for reuse options! NatGeo admits its flaws, while the Times dodges. In the past few weeks, legacy media groups have started engaging in introspective conversations on the complicated—and at times conflicted—nature of their own dispatches. Both the New York Times and National Geographic magazine have issued editorials grappling with their problematic pasts. In the …

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Mar 14

6 ways Millennials will clean up the mess Boomers left them

Baby Boomers – my generation, born between 1946 and 1964 – dominated politics and the economy for years. There were just more Boomers than people of any other generation.  But that’s no longer the case. Now, the biggest generation is the Millennials, born between 1983 and 2000. Millennials are different from boomers in 6 important …

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Mar 14

Robert Reich: 6 Ways Millennials Will Clean Up the Mess Baby Boomers Left Them (Video)

Luckily, they're well equipped for the job. Baby Boomers—my generation, born between 1946 and 1964—dominated politics and the economy for years. There were just more boomers than people of any other generation. But that’s no longer the case. Now, the biggest generation is the millennials, born between 1983 and 2000. Millennials are different from boomers …

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Mar 13

Report Discovers Multinational Companies Found Even More Ways to Avoid Taxes Following the Financial Crisis

Since 2000, the amount these businesses pay in taxes has dropped by one third. As growing inequality has steadily increased in American society, major multinational companies have been benefiting from lower and lower tax rates the world over, according to a new report from the Financial Times. The paper conducted a study of the taxes …

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Mar 09

8 Ways You Can Help Women’s Rights

Yes, we still need to protest this crap. International Women’s Day 2018 marks a pivotal moment for women’s rights, according to the United Nation’s Secretary General, Antonio Guterrez. In the entertainment industry, at workplaces, on social media, and in the streets women demand an end to oppression and discrimination, and zero tolerance for sexual assault …

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Mar 07

6 Tactics Advertisers Use to Objectify Women and Animals in Similarly Horrible Ways

Click here for reuse options! This phenomenon is so ingrained in our culture that it often slips under the radar. The concept of woman as property emerged around the same time as the agricultural industry. Today, advertisements still reflect society’s attitude that women and animals are both commodities to be traded in; collections of body …

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Feb 25

NRA and Donald Trump appear to part ways over raising age to buy rifle

Trump signals openness after Florida to increasing age to 21, a policy the NRA opposes, fueling suggestions of a split Opinion: Muslims are seen as a threat. The Florida shooter wasn’t. Why? Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association (NRA) are each suggesting the other party will switch positions on whether the legal age to …

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Feb 17

Saturday open thread for night owls. Stacy Mitchell: ‘6 ways to rein in today’s toxic monopolies’

Stacy Mitchell is co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, where her research focuses on economic concentration and the health of local economies. At The Nation, she writes—6 Ways to Rein In Today’s Toxic Monopolies: After nearly four decades of lax antitrust policy, during which a handful of corporations have been allowed to gobble up market share …

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Feb 10

1950s prosperity or 1970s crash? Two ways a US interest rate rise could go

An interest rates expert ponders outcomes for the US economy as the central bank looks set to end the era of cheap money Remember Quantum Leap? The sci-fi show where time traveling scientist Sam Beckett would wake up in another era and have to work out where he was in history before solving this week’s …

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