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Feb 13

The Right’s Favorite New Intellectual Has Some Truly Pitiable Ideas About Masculinity

Click here for reuse options! Why does anyone take Jordan Peterson seriously? More than a decade ago, when he reviewed Harvard curmudgeon Harvey Mansfield’s book, Manliness, Walter Kirn asked: “In just which far-off galaxy has Mansfield set up his telescope to scrutinize the doings of us earthlings?” Mansfield’s book, whose port-and-pipesmoke fantasy of masculinity was …

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Jan 22

Why Lyndon Johnson, a truly awful man, is my political hero | Jack Bernhardt

Yes, LBJ was a crude warmonger. But in today’s climate, a leader who also declares war on poverty comes over as an inspiration I wish I had a normal hero from history. Maybe Frederick Douglass, or Rosa Parks, or the person who set the video of Richard Spencer getting punched to the tune of Never …

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Jan 18

The Simple Truth: Republicans Are Upset Trump’s Exposing Them for How Truly Awful They Are

While I’ve been disgusted by many of the things Donald Trump has said or done, even left momentarily speechless at times, I’ve never really been shocked by anything I’ve seen or… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives

Dec 21

Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Truly Spectacular Fashion

I feel it’s safe to assume that unless you’re someone who’s gullible enough to view Fox News’ Sean Hannity as a credible source of information, you probably realize he’s… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives