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Jan 14

DNC to take up 2020 presidential nomination rules, must reject voter suppression by caucuses

(First in a series.) On Jan. 19-20, 2018, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Rules and Bylaws Committee will take up the Unity and Reform Commission’s (URC) proposed recommendations for reform of the 2020 Presidential Nomination Rules. You can read the report here (PDF). The report addresses four distinct topics. Today I address the URC’s violation of its mandate and …

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Jan 12

When will Democrats start #resisting GOP voter suppression?

Remember all those pictures of smiling Iraqi citizens proudly holding up their blue, ink-stained fingers when they voted for the first time after the fall of Saddam Hussein? The Republicans – and far too many Democrats – who had supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq hoped those vivid images would appeal to the democracy-loving instincts …

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Jan 11

The Surprising Ways Voter Suppression Particularly Hurts Women

Click here for reuse options! Women face more obstacles to voting than men do. Trump got one thing right. The voting system is “rigged“—though not in the way he thinks—and it has serious consequences for women. Every election, poor folks, transgendered men and women and communities of color across genders have to jump hurdles to access …

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Jan 05

Trump’s Vote Suppression Team Is Doing GOP’s Dirty Work

Click here for reuse options! White nationalist vice-chair Kris Kobach wants Homeland Security to vet new voters, despite its incomplete citizenship database. Anyone who favors expanding voting rights should be relieved by Wednesday’s demise of President Trump’s so-called Election Integrity Commission. But pro-voter advocates are shortsighted if they think that the panel’s biggest threats are …

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Dec 21

Trump’s voter suppression group hasn’t met in months. Its Democratic members wonder what’s going on.

Campaign Action The NBC News headline is “Trump’s voter fraud panel has gone dark. Members don’t know why.” But it seems more accurate to say “Democratic members of Trump’s voter suppression panel are being kept in the dark.” “I have not heard anything since the New Hampshire meeting,” the state’s secretary of state, Bill Gardner, told NBC News, …

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Dec 16

Donald Trump explains how he was a victim of voter suppression

Donald Trump was speaking to Marine Helicopter Squadron One, but for some reason (narcissism) he couldn’t resist throwing in some talk about his 2016 Electoral College win. That popular vote-defying win has grown even more epic in the retelling, because now Trump says he had to triumph over voter suppression. Remember they used to say, “There is …

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