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Feb 16

Russiagate or deep state? What some progressives get wrong on Russia.

When it comes to the Russiagate scandal, progressives usually take one of two positions. They either dismiss the scandal as a lot of hooey, a “nothingburger,” just a way for warmongers and the “Deep State” to revive a cold war between Washington and Moscow. Or they treat the scandal as just a means to an …

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Feb 15

There Is Some Surprising Progress for the Rights of Incarcerated Women

Several states are fighting to put an end to the time when women prisoners do not even make enough to afford a box of tampons. Women incarcerated in Arizona state prisons are currently allowed only 12 free menstrual pads a month and can possess a maximum of 24 pads at a time when they are …

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Feb 13

The Right’s Favorite New Intellectual Has Some Truly Pitiable Ideas About Masculinity

Click here for reuse options! Why does anyone take Jordan Peterson seriously? More than a decade ago, when he reviewed Harvard curmudgeon Harvey Mansfield’s book, Manliness, Walter Kirn asked: “In just which far-off galaxy has Mansfield set up his telescope to scrutinize the doings of us earthlings?” Mansfield’s book, whose port-and-pipesmoke fantasy of masculinity was …

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Feb 09

U.S. prison conditions are so bad, Britain’s putting a hold on some extraditions

British resident Lauri Love was arrested on suspicion of having hacked into key U.S. computer systems in October 2013. He’s been fighting U.S. authorities’ efforts to have him extradited ever since, maintaining that he should be tried in the United Kingdom. On Monday, Love scored a victory: An appeals court agreed that extraditing him to the U.S. would …

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Feb 07

Kelly doubles down on Dreamer attacks: ‘Some of them just should have probably gotten off the couch’

White House chief of staff John Kelly doubled down on his gross remarks yesterday that the reason why some Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)-eligible immigrant youth didn’t sign up for the program while it was fully active was because they “were too lazy to get off their asses”: Kelly was confronted by lawmakers in a closed-door meeting …

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Feb 06

Donald Trump Just Delivered Some of His Most Chillingly Authoritarian Remarks to Date

The president is now accusing his political opposition of "treason." President Donald Trump drew harsh criticism during a speech he gave at a factory near Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, in which he casually accused Democrats of “treason” for not expressing enthusiasm for his agenda during the State of the Union address last week. Trump’s son Don Jr …

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Jan 31

Train Carrying Republican Congressmen Crashes Into ‘Some Kind of Dump Truck’: Report

The lawmakers were on their way to a retreat in West Virginia. A train that is carrying Republican lawmakers to a retreat has been stopped after it crashed into what one witness described as “some kind of dump truck.” A Republican source on the train tells the Washington Examiner’s Philip Wegmann that the train is sitting on …

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Jan 30

Trump’s infrastructure plan being announced tonight would clear the decks of some eco-protections

Most Americans’ eyes glaze over at the mention of “infrastructure.” But it’s a rare American who spends any time outside his or her own dwelling who doesn’t regularly encounter elements of the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Fixing this was a repeated theme in Pr*sident Trump’s 2016 campaign. He pledged to create a $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan, with some …

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Jan 27

Millions of Americans Are Ingesting a Chemical Some Experts Believe Has No Safe Exposure Level

New cases of PFAS contamination are being discovered "almost daily" across the country. Karen Deichelbohrer has lived in her home roughly three miles from Wurtsmith Air Force Base near the shores of Lake Huron, Michigan, for about 20 years. Her husband passed away two years ago. Her daughter moved out eight years before that. And …

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Jan 26

Thanks, GOP: CHIP kids have insurance, but some of them might not have a place to get care

It’s been 118 days since the Republican Congress decided to take sick people hostage, and allowing funding for community health centers and the Children’s Health Insurance Program to lapse. The bad press of keeping 9 million kids and their families in limbo was too much for them, so they finally took care of that in …

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