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Jan 19

The Government Will Almost Certainly Shut Down After Failed Vote

The federal government will almost certainly shut down starting midnight tonight, following the failure of last-minute budget negotiations to create a stopgap solution to protect the nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers. The nail-biting showdown coincides with the first anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration—a milestone Democrats are portraying as a glaring failure of …

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Jan 18

The Democrats Would Be Insane Not to Let the Government Shut Down Without a Dream Act

The party's entire base is behind it. After what seems like three million news cycles and hot takes on “sh*thole countries,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of legal protections, commonly known as DACA, for nearly 800,000 Americans who came to the United States as children. Many of these people, known as the Dreamers, …

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Jan 12

Republicans want Democrats to shut up about Trump’s closed-door comments, just like they do

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin had the guts to stare the vile comments of a sitting pr*sident in the face and go on the record with them because they were simply too revealing to keep hidden from the American people. Republicans, on the other hand, have made a studied practice of whispering about Donald Trump’s mental lapses, …

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Dec 30

Connecticut CHIP kids get one-month reprieve before program has to shut down

It’s been 90 days since the Republican Congress allowed funding to expire for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and community health center funding expired. Before they left for what is now an extended holiday break, Congress coughed up $ 2.85 billion to divide among all the states to keep the programs afloat while they continue …

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Dec 17

How College Campuses Can Uphold Free Speech AND Shut Down Racists

Give marginalized communities the space to address white nationalists on campus. At the Center for Human and Civil Rights museum in Atlanta, Georgia, there’s an exhibit with headphones where you can sit and experience the verbal abuse that many civil rights activists lived through during the 1960 lunch counter sit-ins. They could not verbally respond to the …

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Dec 11

Remember: Democrats can’t force the shut down of a government that’s entirely in Republican hands

It’s time to prep for a frenetic window of activity in the final days of 2017 that will decide whether the government doors stay open and services for citizens continue—or they don’t. Amid this mayhem, reporters will inevitably ask whether Democrats will be shutting down the government by denying their votes for spending they don’t agree …

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Nov 28

58 days after Republicans let funding lapse, states prepare to shut down children’s health program

Campaign Action Popular vote loser Donald Trump met with Senate Finance Committee Republicans Monday to figure out how to pass the big tax cuts to rich people bill. Meanwhile, this travesty gets worse. Minnesota became the first state to run out of federal portion of its funding for the Children’s Health Insurance program, reports Governing magazine. …

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Nov 24

States are preparing to shut down children’s health programs, and it is Orrin Hatch’s fault

Campaign Action There is one person in particular to blame for this. Officials in nearly a dozen states are preparing to notify families that a crucial health insurance program for low-income children is running out of money for the first time since its creation two decades ago, putting coverage for many at risk by the …

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Nov 15

Hundreds of protesters shut out as the Trump admin. gives fossil fuels industry the floor at COP23

The U.S. government’s presence at this year’s U.N. climate negotiations – COP23 – has been relatively small. For the most part, career U.S. diplomats have been cooped up in a tiny office away from public view. There was a notable exception, however. The Trump administration invited representatives from fossil fuel companies to speak on a panel with White House …

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