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Progressive U.S. Senate Candidates Are in Short Supply in the Midterm Elections

It wasn't easy, but we found three promising candidates to pay attention to during the primaries. I had an idea for an article earlier this week: I would look at some of the candidates challenging incumbents for U.S. Senate, who are peace-loving progressives who would work to end America’s incessant wars at home and abroad. …

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Mike Pompeo narrowly approved for secretary of state by Senate committee

Trump nominee was approved after facing a potentially historic snub, with Senator Rand Paul switching position just before the vote Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, was narrowly cleared by the Senate foreign relations committee on Monday after facing a potentially historic snub. Continue reading… US politics | The Guardian

Mitt Romney will face primary after setback in run for US Senate

Former Republican presidential candidate fails to win enough votes to secure candidacy at party convention in Utah Mitt Romney has been forced into a Republican primary for a US Senate seat in Utah as he looks to restart his political career by replacing the long-serving Senator Orrin Hatch. Romney, the Republican’s presidential candidate in 2012, …

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As GOP tries to stop Don Blankenship from winning Senate primary, Democrats come in to aid him

National Republicans are airing ads for the May 8 GOP primary against notorious West Virginia coal baron Don Blankenship, whom they fear is unelectable against Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, and now, a Democratic group is trying to help Blankenship get nominated. A new super PAC called Duty and Country has launched what Politico says is a $ 380,000 ad …

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Senate Democrats demand to know just how much influence the Kochs have in Trump’s White House

The Koch brothers pick a lot of public fights with the party they’ve bankrolled, including most recently pushing the Republicans to finally legislate a solution for Dreamers. But in private, when they’re raising money among their wealthy friends, they’re taking credit for what they consider accomplishments under Trump. “This year, thanks in part to research …

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Republican squabbling, Trump chaos infecting Senate primary races

Mitch McConnell’s hopes of enlarging his very narrow majority in the Senate—or even keeping it—are looking dimmer all the time, thanks to the ongoing Republican civil war and the agent of chaos in the Oval Office. The ascension of Donald Trump has really attracted the crazy in Republican primaries. That’s exacerbated McConnell’s well-deserved woes as …

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The Senate voted to allow a newborn on the floor, but these quotes show we have a long way to go

By all accounts, Sen. Tammy Duckworth is a glass ceiling-shattering American hero. After a stellar military career and a stint in Congress, she’s now made history as the first United States senator to ever give birth while holding office. Sen. Duckworth wanted to continue representing her constituents in the U.S. Senate, so she wanted to bring her …

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Senate Republicans cool on idea of rehashing the tax cuts scam this year

Republicans are kicking around the idea of rehashing the tax cuts law they finished last year, seeing if they could get something out of this cycle by making the individual tax cuts (such as they are) permanent. Some of them seem to be a little embarrassed that they made the corporate tax cuts permanent, while the …

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Defiant Mulvaney tells Senate he doesn’t have to talk to them, Elizabeth Warren gives him an earful

Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget and squatter in the director’s chair at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has really been feeling his oats since he’s gotten all the jobs in the Trump administration. That includes winning a showdown with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in which Mulvaney elbowed his way into writing …

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Mike Pompeo to tell Senate soft US policy on Russia ‘now over’

Pick for secretary of state will say Trump administration considers Russia ‘danger to our country’ Mike Pompeo, the CIA director picked to be the next secretary of state, will tell the Senate that years of soft US policy toward Russia are “now over”. Pompeo will chastise Russia for acting “aggressively” and emphasise the Trump administration …

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