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Jan 17

Trump Believes Terrorist Attack Could Save GOP in 2018: Report

The president has told advisers the mid-terms don't have to be a bloodbath. Faced with the likelihood of a “blue tsunami” in the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump is holding out hope that terrorists will attack the country, reported the Washington Post on Wednesday. “In private conversations,” said the Post, “Trump has told advisers that he doesn’t think …

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Jan 12

Oprah Will Not Save Us—We Have to Save Ourselves

The Golden Globes speech wasn't a campaign announcement; it was a call to arms. Despite the post-2016 surge of activism—the protests and the calls to Congress that have been the only silver lining in this cesspool of a presidency—the reaction to Oprah Winfrey's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes suggests liberals have yet to give …

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Jan 06

Is the GOP Trying to Bulldoze Jeff Sessions to Save Trump?

In the wake of Michael Wolff’s sleazy revelations, Republicans won’t give an inch—and they’re getting desperate. Dozens of columns about Michael Wolff's new book “Fire and Fury” have already been published and we can expect many more to come. It's a fascinating look into TrumpWorld and anyone who's been following the saga over the past …

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Dec 27

Dear Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell: Get back to work and save some kids’ lives

It’s day 87 since the Children’s Health Insurance Program and community health center funding expired. Congress did give a lump of coal to the nation last week, in the form of enough funding, $ 2.85 billion, to possibly keep the programs running into March. But what they had promised was five years of funding for …

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Dec 23

GOP’s New Hunt For ‘Crooked Hillary’: A Last-Ditch Gamble to Save Trump?

Jeff Sessions, Devin Nunes and Rand Paul are all on the Clinton case: So far only the right-wing media is buying. One of the more disturbing comments President Trump has made in recent months, and that's saying something, is what he said last month to radio talk show host Larry O'Connor in the wake of the indictments …

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Dec 22

Tax scam will save Trump millions. We’d know exactly how many if he’d stop hiding his tax returns.

Donald Trump and his mouthpieces keep telling us the newly passed Republican tax scam will cost him money. But of course Trump isn’t releasing his tax returns to offer any proof of that, and his claim contradicts everything we know or can guess about his finances and this tax bill. Trump stands to profit from several provisions in the …

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Dec 21

How to Save the Internet

Not the Comcasts or the Verizons or the AT&T monopolies of the world. In late October, Ajit Pai, Chair of the Federal Communications Commission, proudly announced, “We’ve been energetic in advancing the public interest…over the past nine months, the Commission has voted on 63 items at our monthly meetings, compared to 103 in the preceding …

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Dec 12

“Break the Internet” revolt to save net neutrality

Today, major websites and social media platforms are joining together in a massive demonstration in hopes of preserving net neutrality by stopping the FCC from dismantling the Open Internet Order – a set of regulations allowing people to freely access and interact with information online, and protecting them from potential discriminatory practices by internet service providers …

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Dec 09

Abbreviated Science Round-up: Bad canola, eyeball glue, and a pesticide that can save bees

Batteries that get better with use One thing you can be sure of seeing with great frequency in science journals is improved battery architectures. Because this falls under the category of A Very Big Deal That Is Going To Make Someone Very Rich. Most AVBDTIGTMSVRs aren’t so obvious before they’re discovered. Scientists work up some …

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Dec 08

Now the Trump Administration Is Ditching a Rule That Would Save People From Dying of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Trump's insistence on undoing every good Obama era policy is out of control. After Hurricane Irma hit three months ago in Orlando, Florida, the local police got a desperate 911 call from a 12-year-old boy reporting that his mother and siblings were unconscious. Fumes overcame the first deputy who rushed to the scene. After the …

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