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Jan 12

Next target for Russian hackers—2018 Senate races

With Republicans seemingly retiring by the day, and Trump helping out by dragging his party into the excrement, the idea that Democrats might flip the House has gone from the longest of long shots to a not-so-risky bet. But on the Senate side of the hill, even Trump can’t get around the fact that Democrats …

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Dec 20

Jill Stein on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Investigation of Her Campaign for Russian Collusion: ‘There Is No There There’

Click here for reuse options! The former Green Party candidate calls the inquiry evidence of a "new McCarthyism." This late November, the Senate Intelligence Committee delivered a request for internal communications and documents to Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein. According to former members of Stein’s 2016 presidential campaign, the request arrived through intellience commitee …

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Dec 16

NY Times Frets About Russian Propaganda, Ignores the Massive Troll Farms Run By America and Its Allies

Social media manipulation is a major problem in urgent need of robust discussion An op-ed by the president of the right-wing human rights group Freedom House, published in the New York Times Monday (12/11/17)—later boosted by New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker—warned of the menace of “commentators, trolls, bots, false news sites and propaganda,” and their negative effects …

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Dec 14

Donald Trump Loses It if Aides Even Mention Russian Interference: Report

Officials say the very subject takes the president "off the rails" during intel briefings. Bringing up Russian interference to President Donald Trump is apparently a very touchy subject — so touchy, in fact, that Trump’s own White House officials fear even broaching the topic during intelligence briefings. The Washington Post reports that members of Trump’s National Security Council …

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Dec 01

Michael Flynn asked the Russian ambassador to block a UN vote on orders from Jared Kushner

Donald Trump assigned just about every job to son-in-law Jared Kushner: solving the opiod crisis, reaching peace in the Middle East—and connecting the campaign to Russia. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea Friday for lying to the FBI is alarming news for Donald Trump. But the first person it’s likely to jeopardize will be …

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Dec 01

Flynn charges show he contacted Russian ambassador twice during the Trump transition period

NBC’s Pete Williams has a first look at the court charging document for former national security adviser Flynn, and here are two key takeaways that happened before Donald Trump was sworn in as pr*sident: 1. A “very senior member of the Presidential Transition Team” directed Flynn to call foreign officials, including Russia, to talk to them about delaying or voting …

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Nov 20

Trump should prepare for ‘a long winter’ as Mueller asks about Russian contacts ‘not yet public’

In 1869, Charles Minard created a chart that shows the dwindling size of Napoleon’s army as the battered French force attempted to leave Russia with crushing cold dogging them at every step. The chart is widely regarded as an act of genius, a near-revolutionary compression of multiple dimensions of data onto the flat space provided …

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Nov 19

Trump Turns Miners’ Lives into a Game of Russian Roulette

At a time when coal mining deaths are on the rise, the Trump administration has decided to allow that dreadful trend to continue, all the while bragging about his love for the underground workers. “We’re going to fight for you like I promised I would in the campaign,” President Trump told a group of hopeful …

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Nov 17

The Trump Family Made Millions from Drug Cartels and the Russian Mafia in Panama City: Report

Maybe we should start calling the president's Florida estate "Mar-a-Narco." Robert Mueller has some new material to work with as he continues his investigation of the Trump administration's ties to Russia. A new report shows that for ten years, a Trump property in Panama City collected millions of dollars from the Russian mafia and Colombian drug …

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Nov 12

Former intelligence heads go on television to warn Trump is being ‘played’ by Russian leader

Today a former director of the CIA and a former national security adviser went on the Sunday talk show circuit to warn the nation that Donald Trump is a dangerous idiot. That is not something that former intelligence officials generally do, if you are wondering. But here we are. Two top former U.S. intelligence officials …

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