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Jan 17

White supremacist violence is on the rise, but don’t expect Trump to care

Campaign Action While the Trump administration is whipping up fear about immigrants using misleading international terrorism statistics, they’re ignoring killings by the white supremacists Donald Trump considers to be “very fine people”: According to the latest data from Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, white supremacists were responsible for more than half of the 34 fatalities …

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Jan 12

Midday open thread: EPA workforce reduced to Reagan level; oil prices rise, briefly, above $70

Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is The Trump anthem:  • What’s coming up on Sunday Kos … Republicans’ lessons for Democrats: Next president must ‘look backwards’ at GOP crimes, by Jon Perr Oprah, the Alabama Crimson Tide, and how to adjust to change, by David Akadjian Let’s keep our eyes on the ball, Oprah is just …

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Dec 26

Charles Blow Predicted the Rise of Trumpism in 2014

The New York Times columnist knew a backlash against America's first black president was coming. In a column that went up on November 23, 2014, for following day’s New York Times. It blew me away, so I posted this, which got a lot of traffic on DailyKos. In light of the events of the past year, since …

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Dec 19

Sally Yates Calls on Americans to Rise Up in Powerful Op-Ed

"It is not enough for us to admire our nation’s core values from afar." Americans find themselves at a critical moment in their nation's history, when they must decide what kind of country they want to have, according to former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. In a searing op-ed for USA Today, the Trump foe reveals …

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Nov 27

Chomsky: Is Socialism on the Rise in America?

The present age is full of contradictions of every type and variety. We live in an age of illegitimate neoliberal hegemony and soaring political uncertainty. The evidence is all around: citizen disillusionment over mainstream political parties and the traditional conservative-liberal divide, massive inequality, the rise of the “alt-right,” and growing resistance to Trumpism and financial …

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Nov 12

Bono, the Queen and Many More: Paradise Papers Reveal the Rise of The Global Oligarchy

These billionaires belong to a new class, untethered to nation or party. How can we fight back? In response to the recent leak of 13.4 million files from two offshore service providers earlier this week, which documents how the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations avoid paying taxes on their fortunes, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., warned that the …

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Nov 12

10 Horrific Things Republicans Have Defended Since the Rise of Donald Trump

Even before Donald Trump launched his campaign over two years ago, the Republican Party was already well on its way to becoming the train wreck we’re all witnessing today. While I thought it… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives

Nov 05

It’s No Accident that Sexual Harassers Rise Up the Ranks

For too long, we’ve lauded men’s domination and aggressiveness as a sign of leadership rather than possible red flags. As the sexual harassment reckoning continues to sweep the country, with new men outed and more women coming forward every day, people are rightfully asking how it’s possible that these abusers were able flourish for so …

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