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Jan 12

Midday open thread: EPA workforce reduced to Reagan level; oil prices rise, briefly, above $70

Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is The Trump anthem:  • What’s coming up on Sunday Kos … Republicans’ lessons for Democrats: Next president must ‘look backwards’ at GOP crimes, by Jon Perr Oprah, the Alabama Crimson Tide, and how to adjust to change, by David Akadjian Let’s keep our eyes on the ball, Oprah is just …

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Dec 20

A slew of cable companies are going to hike prices for the new year—Merry no consumer protections!

A couple of weeks ago Comcast gave a half-assed denial on leaked reports of upcoming price hikes to their cable services for this coming 2018. It was a bad sign of what we all knew was coming, the continuing deregulation of the cable industry typified by the end of net neutrality protections, and the general …

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Nov 18

Trump’s health secretary pick helped raise insulin prices 325 percent

While the House spent the week working and voting on their tax plan that would immediately slash $ 25 billion out of Medicare and the Senate working on their tax plan that would take insurance away from 13 million people, popular vote loser Donald Trump was busy on the health care front, too. He named …

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