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Mar 21

Pompeo, Haspel nominations: Democrats’ chance to end 15 years of compliance with GOP lawlessness

Campaign Action Fifteen years ago today, the U.S. began the invasion of Iraq, a war of choice constructed on a foundation of lies. That invasion was the outward manifestation of the Bush-Cheney “war on terror,” and underneath was a web of illegal, immoral, and un-American policies and practices from warrantless wiretapping to torture. When the …

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Mar 20

Why Mike Pompeo Could Be Even Worse for the Environment Than Rex Tillerson

Click here for reuse options! Two words: Koch brothers. As Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was one of the most blatant revolving-door cases in the Trump administration and a clear sign that Trump’s government was of, by and for the fossil fuel industry. But make no mistake: Mike Pompeo could be far worse. Once again, …

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Mar 17

Mike Pompeo is most likely bad news for the Iran nuclear agreement

Donald Trump’s choice of the climate science-denying, torture-backing, military-first, xenophobic Mike Pompeo to be the nation’s top diplomat spurred climate science denying, torture-supporting, military-first xenophobe Bret Stephens, the right-wing never-Trumper columnist hired by The New York Times for balance on its Op-ed pages, to write that Pompeo will be good for diplomacy. That’s like saying the Koch Brothers’ and …

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Mar 14

Pompeo and Haspel nominations set up contentious Senate hearings

Resistance to the nominees is building among Democrats, indicating the confirmations will not be as speedy as Republicans hope Continue reading… US politics | The Guardian

Mar 14

Open thread for night owls: ‘With Pompeo at State Dept., are the Über-Hawks Winning?’

Robin Wright at The New Yorker writes—With Mike Pompeo at the State Department, Are the Über-Hawks Winning?  President Trump and his next Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, are—for now—two peas in a policy pod. The outgoing Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who learned that he had been fired only after Trump announced his departure in a tweet, clashed …

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Mar 13

Remember how Mike Pompeo egged on WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during the campaign?

The musical cabinet chairs game Trump unleashed this morning could put a torture overseer in charge of the CIA. She would be replacing the guy who is being kicked up to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. The guy who, as then-House Intelligence Committee chairman was also deep in the Trump campaign and eyeball deep in …

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Nov 12

CIA Director Pompeo stands by intelligence community that Trump called ‘political hacks’

In response to Pr*@%!^#t Donald Trump’s giving U.S. reporters on Air Force One an earful about how he views U.S. intelligence agencies as “political hacks” and Vladimir Putin as trustworthy, CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Saturday defended the agencies’ assessments that the Russians meddled in the 2016 U.S. election: “The Director stands by and has always stood …

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