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Our enemy, ourselves

Whether the rationale is the need to wage a war on terror involving 76 countries or renewed preparations for a struggle against peer competitors Russia and China (as Defense Secretary James Mattis suggested recently while introducing America’s new National Defense Strategy), the U.S. military is engaged globally. A network of 800 military bases spread across …

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Oprah Will Not Save Us—We Have to Save Ourselves

The Golden Globes speech wasn't a campaign announcement; it was a call to arms. Despite the post-2016 surge of activism—the protests and the calls to Congress that have been the only silver lining in this cesspool of a presidency—the reaction to Oprah Winfrey's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes suggests liberals have yet to give …

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Hey, progressives: let’s prove ourselves by winning the primaries—and then the whole thing

Democrats had big wins throughout the country this week, bigger than everyone expected. While many feared that Democrats would lose the big one, the Virginia governorship, progressives came out in droves. It’s likely the activation of the progressive base by various progressive groups like Indivisible and others that sealed their success in these elections. Throughout the country, they …

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