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Jan 18

Stormy Daniels Once Claimed She Spanked Donald Trump With a Forbes Magazine

Last week, the Wall Street Journal triggered a new scandal for President Donald Trump when it reported that his lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid porn star Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 to keep quiet about a decade-old sexual relationship she had with the future president. Cohen released a statement from Daniels denying she had engaged in …

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Jan 18

Mulvaney gets to work at consumer bureau making sure loan sharks can fleece poor people once again

The courts are still mulling whether Mick Mulvaney can serve as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when Leandra English, the deputy director of the CFPB has a strong claim to the position. That claim is based in the leadership succession process as laid out in the law creating the bureau. Nonetheless, Mulvaney …

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Jan 17

Girther-gate proves once again there’s no reason to believe the White House on anything. Ever.

The White House trotted out Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson Tuesday to declare Donald Trump in “excellent” health. The only problem was that at 6’3″ and 239 lbs. he was just one pound shy of being obese—that is, if you believe Trump is really that tall and that small. And no one does. x Jay Cutler is …

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Jan 12

On Thursday, Walmart Once Again Proved What an Unethical, Full of B.S. Company It Is

Once upon a time, I worked for Sam’s Club, which is owned by Walmart. When Forward Progressives first launched, I still had a lot of ties to my days working there, which meant I got quite a few… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives

Dec 13

We saved net neutrality once. We can do it again.

Democracy lives or dies on the quality of public conversation. “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government,” Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” Today it doesn’t take the smarts of a Jefferson to realize that …

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Dec 08

Paul Ryan, be a decent human being for once. Dump Rep. Blake Farenthold

Thursday morning, House Speaker Paul Ryan had the gall to stand in front of cameras and say this: x As we speak, @HouseAdmnGOP is holding a hearing on the House’s reporting & settlement process for sexual harassment. Congress needs better policies in place to protect women, and quite frankly, a real culture change. pic.twitter.com/qaiHc5Rwm1 — …

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Dec 06

Mike Pence Once Ratted Out His Frat Brothers Over a Keg of Beer

The anecdote tells you everything you need to know about the vice president. Mike Pence Ratted Out His Frat Brothers for a Keg Vice President Mike Pence reportedly snitched on his Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers for having a keg at a party on his college’s dry campus and got his entire house in trouble. …

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Nov 29

Once again, the right hijacks that old-time religion

In Babylon-on-the-Potomac recently, the brand new, $ 500 million Museum of the Bible had its grand opening. Donald Trump did not attend, perhaps fearing a fate like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark when the remnants of the Ten Commandments are unsealed, holy mayhem ensues and miscreants melt like candles. Just a couple of blocks …

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Nov 25

Once and for all, the Atlantic exposes the racism behind Trump’s appeal

One of the most frustrating phenomena of the last few year’s is the refusal on the part of much of the traditional media to grapple with the true source of Donald Trump’s powerful and dangerous appeal: racial animus. In a brilliant new piece in the Atlantic, Adam Serwer lays bare the simple facts behind Trump’s …

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Nov 06

5 Things Conservatives Stop Caring About Once a Republican is President

My thoughts on the hypocritical nature of the Republican Party and the conservatives who support it are well documented. A day doesn’t go by where I’m not absolutely blown away by the… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives