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Jan 18

Will Los Angeles be the next city to sue fossil fuel companies?

Last week, New York City announced that it would be suing five of the largest fossil fuel companies in the world for their role in creating and perpetuating climate change. Now the second largest city in the U.S., Los Angeles, may be next. Two days after New York City’s announcement, two Los Angeles city council …

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Jan 17

Democrats Score Major Upset in Wisconsin—Are Paul Ryan and Scott Walker Next?

Randy Bryce is predicting a "Bluenami" in the mid-term elections. The win by a Democrat for a state senate seat in Wisconsin's special election on Tuesday is being seen as the latest sign that traditional Republican strongholds, including districts where Donald Trump beat rival Hillary Clinton handily in 2016, could be up for grabs as …

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Jan 16

Romney reportedly running to become next ‘never-Trump’ senator to give in to Trump’s will

According to Utah’s Gov. Gary Herbert, he has confirmation third-hand that Mitt Romney is indeed going to run for the Senate seat Orrin Hatch is finally vacating. Now all of Republican-land is wondering what kind of race Romney will run: Trump or anti-Trump. His boosters are certain he’ll reflect his state’s values and anti-Trump leanings …

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Jan 14

Republicans’ lesson for Democrats: Next president must ‘look backwards’ at GOP crimes

If nothing else, Republicans over the past few weeks have delivered an important civics lesson to the American people in general—and Democrats in particular. Facing a growing mountain of irrefutable evidence that the incompetent, out-of-his-depth GOP president of the United States has been enmeshed in a network of ties to Russian business and government interests …

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Jan 12

Next target for Russian hackers—2018 Senate races

With Republicans seemingly retiring by the day, and Trump helping out by dragging his party into the excrement, the idea that Democrats might flip the House has gone from the longest of long shots to a not-so-risky bet. But on the Senate side of the hill, even Trump can’t get around the fact that Democrats …

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Jan 02

This Is the Next Battle Frontier in the War Against Body Shaming

Click here for reuse options! Say goodbye to airbrushing stretch marks. The feminist struggle against body shaming practices in the media has resulted in steady yet slow progress. Victoria’s Secret, a company that epitomizes the brands that make women feel bad about the way they look, still doesn’t feature any plus-sized models in its collection …

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Dec 31

The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Worse Than the Last One

The system remains fundamentally unreformed, banks remain too big to fail. We’ve made it through 2017. The first-season installment of presidential Tweetville is ending where it began, on the Palm Beach, Fla., golf course of Mar-a-Lago. Though we are no longer privy to all the footage behind the big white truck, we do know that, given …

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Dec 28

After CNN took a video of Trump golfing, his staff went next level ridiculous on the next golf trip

The most ridiculous, thin-skinned, unqualified, incompetent person in the history of this country is currently occupying the White House. Lack of qualifications aside, he’s easily the laziest president in modern history, having racked up the most vacation time of anyone to hold the office in recent administrations and it isn’t even close. Here’s a graphic …

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Dec 26

What Will Obama’s Next Act Be?

"There is nothing more pathetic in life than a former president," said John Quincy Adams—but a year on, what to make of our most newly minted ex? There’s the library. There’s the memoir. There might be a foundation. Maybe some paid speeches. Perhaps a new hobby, like oil painting. Maybe, in the case of George …

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Dec 22

Abbreviated pundit roundup: The GOP tax scam is unpopular and will become even more hated next year

We begin today’s roundup with Catherine Rampell’s excellent analysis of the albatross of a tax bill the Republican Party just embraced: Right now the public hates, hates, hates the tax bill. It’s less popular than any major piece of legislation of the past several decades, less popular even than tax hikes passed under Presidents Bill …

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