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Fate of Trump’s Muslim ban 3.0 at Supreme Court may hinge on Trump’s own statements

First there was one, then there were two—both blocked by lower federal courts. And finally, before the Supreme Court could rule on the second, came Donald Trump’s Muslim ban 3.0, which the high court will hear oral arguments on this Wednesday. Frankly, Trump has a lot of presidential precedent pointing in his favor in Trump v. …

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John Bolton worked with Russia, spread racist stories to increase fear of Muslim immigrants

Though it may seem that John Bolton spent the last ten years constantly wiggling his mustache on Fox News, In his time off—between advocating bombing Iran, and advocating bombing North Korea, and advocating just bombing—John Bolton had a real job. John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser, chaired a nonprofit that has promoted misleading …

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Muslim Cop Alleges ‘Blatant Racism’ in San Francisco Police Department

Other officers suggested he was a terrorist and called him derogatory slurs. A San Francisco police officer who emigrated from Afghanistan and is Muslim has alleged that he was harassed on the job and retaliated against after reporting racist and homophobic comments by his colleagues.

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In India, Muslim Patriarchy Has Convinced Women to March Against Their Own Freedoms

Click here for reuse options! A new bill invalidating Islam's repressive divorce practice would actually grant women their constitutional rights. The orthodox and the conservatives among Muslim clerics in India like it best when women are neither seen nor heard in public. Ironically, these very self-appointed custodians of Indian Islam have in the past few …

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ICE official claims he’s sorry after sharing gross meme depicting Muslim women as umbrellas

Nothing to see or worry about here, just David Jennings, a top official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), posting an offensive meme about Muslim women on social media: The image depicts three patio umbrellas that are intended to resemble three people in body-covering burqas along with the caption, “I spent 30 minutes talking to them …

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Is the #MeToo Movement Leaving Black Muslim Women Behind?

Click here for reuse options! Despite the larger movement addressing campus sexual assault, black Muslim women still share their experiences in whispers. Over the past several years, colleges and universities have been pressured to address an epidemic that has been ignored for some time: the pervasiveness of sexual violence on campus. Studies find that 11.2 percent …

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The fight for the right to be a Muslim in America – podcast

A bitter legal row over a mosque in an affluent New Jersey town shows the new face of Islamophobia in the age of Trump Read the text version here Subscribe via Audioboom, iTunes, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Acast & Sticher and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter Continue reading… US politics | The Guardian

Muslim Ban Rally, 2018: A melting pot of resistance

It was one year ago this week that the Trump administration first showed it’s true colors. Not that we didn’t already have a good idea of what was coming – at least those of us that followed Trump’s campaign rhetoric and saw the men that he installed into leadership positions in his White House. On …

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Supreme Court to take up consideration of Trump’s Muslim ban 3.0

It took Donald Trump’s White House three tries to create a Muslim ban worthy of consideration by the Supreme Court. One flopped, the other couldn’t go the distance. Apparently, three’s the charm, writes the New York Times. The Supreme Court announced on Friday that it would consider a challenge to President Trump’s latest effort to …

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ACLU vows to keep fighting as Supreme Court allows Trump’s mostly Muslim travel ban to take effect

The Supreme Court handed a victory to President Donald Trump Monday, when it allowed his latest travel ban to go into effect even as legal challenges continue in lower courts. The administration can now fully enforce its new restrictions on travel from eight countries, six of them predominantly Muslim. The ruling will bar most citizens …

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