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Feb 13

The best and the brightest? White House plagued by high turnover and missing security clearances

Donald Trump was going to drain the swamp and staff his administration with the best people in the world. Instead … Mr. Trump is on his second press secretary, his second national security adviser and his third deputy national security adviser. Five different people have been named communications director or served in the job in …

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Feb 09

Drug wars, missing money, and a phantom $500 million

2017 was a year of investigations for U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). There was the investigation of the two-star commander of U.S. Army Africa who allegedly sent racy texts to an enlisted man’s wife.  There was the investigation into the alleged killing of a Special Forces soldier by Navy SEALs in Mali. There was the inquiry …

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Jan 18

Trump’s Inauguration Money Is Still Missing One Year Later: Report

A number of charities have yet to receive the funds they were promised. Almost one year after President Donald Trump took the oath of office, millions of dollars from his leftover inauguration funds have still not been donated to the charities they were promised to. Trump's inauguration committee raised a record-breaking $ 107 million as …

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Jan 15

D-gate: Trump declares Wall Street Journal interview fake news because it’s missing a single letter

The Trump White House has issued multiple attacks on the Rupert Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, declaring their transcript of a interview with Donald Trump “fake news.” And the point of contention, in an 8,500 word interview is a single letter. x The Wall Street Journal stated falsely that I said to them “I have a …

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Dec 25

Why Do Companies Like Dove Keep Missing the Mark on Culturally Insensitive Ads?

Click here for reuse options! The lack of diversity in the advertising industry makes responsible content difficult to achieve. In early October, when Dove released an ad that was at the very least culturally insensitive, outrage from white people and people of color alike ensued. The ad showed women from a variety of ethnicities changing …

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