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Mexico Has Its Own ‘Fake News’ Crisis — and Journalists Are Fighting Back

Fake news is everywhere in Mexico, pushed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter by sham news sites and armies of digital bots. MEXICO CITY — No, a candidate in Mexico's upcoming presidential election did not pose nude with a drag queen. No, the wife of another candidate is not the granddaughter of a Nazi. And no, …

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Glenn Greenwald vs. James Risen: Two Leading Journalists Are in a ‘Ferocious’ Debate on Russia

Click here for reuse options! Which leading leftist journalist is more credible on Trump and treason? In the annals of leftist discourse, last week’s debate between Glenn Greenwald and James Risen over the Trump-Russia investigation was akin to a heavyweight boxing match. While both men work for the leftish Intercept and have Pulitzer Prizes on their …

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At Least 81 Journalists Were Killed in 2017

The imprisonment of dozens of journalists is also deeply concerning. AlterNet.org Main RSS Feed

Emilio Gutierrez Soto and the fight to protect journalists

For the 25th year in a row, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has released its annual survey of journalists killed around the world. The list includes 42 journalists and four media workers killed, some while covering war, others murdered in retaliation for their reporting. Another 20 were killed in circumstances that CPJ cannot confirm …

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DOJ is making the most insane argument that protesters and journalists should go to jail

The Washington Examiner has transcripts of the Department of Justice’s closing remarks in their case against six protesters and one journalist for their participation in Inauguration Day protests. We all realize that the right wing of our country is working diligently to squash all dissent, even if that means trampling on the Bill of Rights. …

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Far-Right Trolls Are Manipulating Twitter Into Silencing Journalists and Trump Critics

Twitter is getting played. In October, a notorious right-wing troll quietly launched an “operation” aimed at suspending progressive voices from Twitter. The plan was to use the platform’s mechanisms for reporting abuse in order to silence those he perceived as attempting to censor right-wing voices. With Twitter’s cooperation, and by taking out-of-context tweets that could have been …

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Trials Begin for 200 Anti-Trump Protesters and Journalists Who Were Arrested en Masse

The ACLU filed a lawsuit charging D.C. police with mistreating detainees. A complaint by four plaintiffs charges officers used excessive force and denied detainees food, water, and access to toilets. The first trial of the nearly 200 people arrested during President Trump’s inauguration is underway and involves six people, including one journalist, Alexei Wood, a …

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