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Feb 20

How long will white women continue to vote Republican? | Jill Abramson

Republicans are panicking over dropping support among white women. The handling of recent domestic violence accusations only makes things worse Support for Donald Trump among white women is cratering. This helps explain why, after days of tacitly condoning alleged spousal abuse by Rob Porter, which Porter denies, and former White House speechwriter David Sorensen, who …

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Feb 13

The White House cries crocodile tears over ‘due process’ | Jill Filipovic

The concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ only matters to men like Trump when the accused are his white male friends alleged to have abused women In a fascinating 180-degree turn, Donald Trump is suddenly concerned with due process and the presumption of innocence. “Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation,” …

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Jan 27

Trump’s attack on the FBI is an attack on the US constitution itself | Jill Abramson

Republicans are mere enablers. They and their president would do well to remember who the Watergate source worked for Since his election, revelations of Donald Trump’s contempt for the legal process have been dizzying. The rule of law is what protects democracy in the United States. The president has done everything possible to subvert it. …

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Jan 23

Democrats did the ‘responsible thing’ and re-opened government. Will that backfire? | Jill Abramson

It’s telling that almost every Democrat who’s been named as a possible presidential hopeful voted against the temporary deal Shutdowns can be unpredictable. They represent everything that most sane people hate about Washington DC – the dysfunction, the polarization, the distance between political leaders and the people whose lives are dependent on a functioning government. …

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Jan 20

After a year of Donald Trump, there is still hope amid the horror | Jill Abramson

The president has exceeded my worst expectations, but women have been galvanised more profoundly than if Hillary Clinton had won ‘Trump,” the man growled, as he pushed by me on the Amtrak regional train last summer. I was travelling with my two-year-old granddaughter in her stroller, and a suitcase. A conductor had just told me …

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Dec 22

Jill Stein Looks Like a Hapless Fool Trying to Defend Russia During CNN Interview (Video)

Anyone who follows me knows that I’m not a fan of Green Party hero Jill Stein. Some on the left might not agree with me, but I view her as nothing more than the far-left’s version of… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives

Dec 20

Jill Stein on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Investigation of Her Campaign for Russian Collusion: ‘There Is No There There’

Click here for reuse options! The former Green Party candidate calls the inquiry evidence of a "new McCarthyism." This late November, the Senate Intelligence Committee delivered a request for internal communications and documents to Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein. According to former members of Stein’s 2016 presidential campaign, the request arrived through intellience commitee …

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