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Philippine President Duterte Mimics Trump’s Racism and Sexism in Defensive Insults at the U.N.

Duterte attacked human rights officials this week. When it comes to disturbing rhetoric, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is no stranger to the practice of stunning his viewers with a diverse range of obscenities. Be it misogynist invectives, promising cash prizes for killing rebels or boasting about committing murder, Duterte is notorious for openly uncouth proclamations. …

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Don Lemon Cuts Mic After Guest Insults Him On-Air While Defending Trump

Click here for reuse options! “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you sit here and insult me,” the host said. During a discussion about President Donald Trump's racist “sh*thole countries” remarks, conservative radio host John Fredericks decided it would be a good time to make racially charged remarks against CNN host Don Lemon. …

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