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A Worldwide Ranking Says Americans Aren’t as Happy as We Used to Be

The U.S. happiness ranking dropped significantly in the past year. The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Wednesday released its 2018 World Happiness Report. Finland jumped four spots since 2017 to succeed Norway as the happiest country. Conversely, the United States fell as many spots, to number 18. Aside from Finland’s surge and Sweden’s stealing the …

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If The Donald isn’t happy there won’t be any tanks at his military parade, there’s an alternative

The Pentagon released a memorandum Thursday announcing that Pr*sident Trump will get the military parade he directed the Pentagon to organize. But it’s going to be a watered-down affair because D.C. city leaders were all worried about tank treads and other heavy equipment tearing up the streets. That has got to be disappointing to the Commander-in-Tweet who ordered the parade into existence …

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‘Are you happy, Gary?’: Trump’s top economic adviser quits administration – video report

Donald Trump sees another high-profile member of his administration resign, this time top economic adviser Gary Cohn. The former chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs quit after Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, a move he opposed Gary Cohn quits as Donald Trump’s top economic adviser Continue reading… US politics | …

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Happy 2018, Republicans: Mueller’s investigation likely to proceed right through the midterms

Ty Cobb, Donald Trump’s personal attorney and Snidely Whiplash cosplayer, has been doing his best to calm down Trump by telling him that the Russia investigation is going to end soon. The problem is, Cobb has been saying this since last fall.  “It is my hope and expectation that shortly after Thanksgiving, all the White House …

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Don’t Be Fooled by These 5 Misleading Dairy Ads Peddling the Preposterous Myth of the ‘Happy Cow’

Click here for reuse options! Happy cows are just an advertising ploy. For most of my life, I genuinely believed the false advertising used to sell dairy. When I learned the truth—that nearly all cows used for dairy are kept inside, locked up, forcibly inseminated, and hooked up to painful milking machines—I was heartbroken. How …

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The Anti-Empire Report #154: Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2018 is going to be a fun fun year. And to better prepare yourself for all the merrymaking here is a calendar of some of the more delightful things to look forward to. February 16: The United States bans entry to the country of all people except white Christian and Jewish citizens of …

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Happy New Year to all the Night Owls: Woody Guthrie’s 75-year-old homespun resolutions

Thanks to Fritzi Cohen for digging out Woody Guthrie’s 33 New Year’s “Rulin’s” from 75 years ago, written in his journal entry for January 1, 1943:  Adorned by doodles, the list is down to earth by any measure. Family, song, taking a political stand, personal hygiene — they’re the values or aspirations that top his …

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Cartoon: I wish us a Happy 2018

Oh, we could only hope that 2018 ends up like this. Have a Happy New Year! Daily Kos

Wanna tick off a Trump voter? Wish them ‘Happy Holidays!’

Supporters of Donald Trump proved themselves to be a tad surly during his 2016 campaign rallies and, guess what? The spirit of Christmas doesn’t do anything to soften their hard edges. If anything, it makes them especially Grinchy, according to a PPP survey. PPP’s annual holidays poll finds that it’s really only Trump voters who get offended …

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Happy Holidays: Texas preparing to send children’s health insurance termination notices on Dec. 22

Campaign Action The Senate is busy setting up test votes on the Republicans’ tax cut bill that is so full of awfulness that it’s hard to keep track of it all: taxing graduate students out of their education, ending cancer treatment for Medicare patients, sneaking anti-abortion provisions into tax law, taking health insurance away from …

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