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Open thread for night owls: Sean Hannity exposed as secret business partner of oft-promoted guest

The news that Fox News talking head Sean Hannity was secretly Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s third client may have rocked the courtroom and social media alike, but it failed to turn heads at Fox News. Despite railing for days against the supposed impropriety of the FBI raid of Cohen’s office while simultaneously hiding that he, …

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CNN Host Stifles Laughter As Trump-Backing Guest Seriously Claims Mexicans Are Staging a ‘Soft Invasion’

The idea was too ridiculous even to feign consideration. After former Trump campaign operative Steve Cortes made a bold and inaccurate claim about Mexicans staging a “soft invasion” at America’s southern border, CNN host Erin Burnett and national security analyst Juliette Kayyem couldn’t refrain from laughing. While discussing President Donald Trump’s apparent mixup between the National Guard …

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Fox & Friends Guest, Beloved by Alt-Right, Pushes Dangerous Transgender Myth

Jordan Peterson is a far-right darling. On Fox & Friends, Canadian psychology professor and “alt-right” darling Jordan Peterson pushed the anti-trans myth that “children as young as 3 or 4 can now decide what gender they are and then undergo the appropriate surgical and biological alterations.” However, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health's (WPATH) standards of health care for …

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Tucker Carlson Melts Down on Air, Hurls Obscenity at Guest

The Fox News host didn't take kindly to being called out for his racism. Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been ramping up his white-nationalist rhetoric over the last few months while also exhibiting a kind of angry recklessness previously unseen from the formerly establishment, club-tied Republican. This mounting boil frothed over Wednesday night in a weather exchange with Chicago Alderman …

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Rep. Dingell invites wife of deported Michigan dad as her State of the Union guest

When Donald Trump looks out over the audience of his State of the Union address at the end of this month, he’ll see the face of Cindy Garcia, an American whose life and family has been torn apart due to his cruel mass deportation policies: x Rep. Debbie Dingell has invited the wife of Jorge Garcia, 39-year-old …

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Don Lemon Cuts Mic After Guest Insults Him On-Air While Defending Trump

Click here for reuse options! “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you sit here and insult me,” the host said. During a discussion about President Donald Trump's racist “sh*thole countries” remarks, conservative radio host John Fredericks decided it would be a good time to make racially charged remarks against CNN host Don Lemon. …

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Fox News Guest Perfectly Mocks the Network for Trying to Slander the FBI for Trump (Video)

At this point, there are two types of people in this country: those who realize Donald Trump’s an incompetent, dangerous con artist who has no idea what he’s doing, and those who are… {Click on the title to continue reading this post} Forward Progressives

Fox News Guest Storms Off Show After Host Refuses to Accept Simple Arithmetic

The New Policy Institute's Simon Rosenberg had all he could take Wednesday. New Policy Institute founder Simon Rosenberg appeared on Fox News and tried to make a point about how the proposed Republican tax plan would actually raise taxes on middle-income families as time passes.  “Over time, a majority of middle-class people will be paying …

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