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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump’s Ridiculous Attempt to Rewrite the History of Comey’s Firing

Trump presented "a totally different version of events from what the president has previously said." President Donald Trump tried to completely rewrite history Wednesday morning, and CNN's Anderson Cooper is not happy about it. In the opening segment of “Anderson Cooper 360” Wednesday night, the host explained how Trump has completely contradicted his own account …

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McConnell says he will not allow vote on bill protecting Mueller from firing

Republican Senate majority leader says bill is ‘not necessary’ because Trump will not fire special counsel, despite bipartisan fears The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has said he will not allow a vote on a bill that would protect the special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by Donald Trump, despite bipartisan concern that the …

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Cartoon: Firing Mueller

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Trump Thinks Firing Rod Rosenstein Will Help Him Escape Mueller—Here’s Why the Plan Could Backfire in a Huge Way

The next in line for the job should worry the corrupt president. President Donald Trump has publicly attacked his own deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, over his authorization of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump has reportedly been mulling plans to fire Rosenstein and replace him with …

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Firing Comey one of Trump’s ‘greatest achievements’, says White House

The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, gave scathing remarks about the former FBI director James Comey on Friday. Sanders said that firing him was “one of the president’s greatest achievements”. She was speaking after Comey’s book A Higher Loyalty gave a unique insight into working under Donald Trump ‘Slime ball’: Trump attacks Comey after …

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Angry Trump Denies NYT Report on Firing Mueller in Early Morning Tweet –Then Threatens To Do It

The president started tweeting early this morning. President Donald Trump denied a New York Times report but confirmed its premise in an angry morning tweet. The president logged into Twitter on Thursday morning to refute a Tuesday night report that he sought to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in December. “If I wanted to fire …

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Trump’s latest tirade suggests he is moving closer to firing Mueller

On Twitter, Trump blamed ‘bad blood with Russia’ on the special counsel investigation and described the atmosphere in the White House as ‘calm and calculated’ Judging by six sharply worded tweets starting at sunrise Wednesday, Donald Trump is edging closer to taking irreversible action against a federal investigation that earlier this week sent FBI agents …

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Firing Robert Mueller now would only inflame the investigation into Trump

We’re about to find out how stable and genius-y Donald Trump really is. After his Twitter bender Tuesday morning declaring “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT” and his tirade Monday night exclaiming “We’ll see” about firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, aides are trying to talk Trump down, writes the New York Times. Mr. Trump’s advisers have spent the …

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Trump won’t rule out firing Robert Mueller. Time for Congress to rule it out for him.

Campaign Action Donald Trump wouldn’t rule out firing special counsel Robert Mueller after the FBI searched the home and office of Trump’s longtime personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen on Monday—even though the search wasn’t conducted by Mueller’s team, but by federal prosecutors. Trump’s response revives a question Republicans have desperately tried to bury: which Republicans are going to …

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Trump calls raid of Cohen’s office ‘an attack on our country,’ says ‘We’ll see’ about firing Mueller

At the top of a meeting with military leaders intended to discuss the U.S. response on the chemical attack in Syria, Donald Trump took time to address the press pool on the raid of Michael Cohen’s office. To say that he wasn’t happy doesn’t do it justice. He treated the investigation as if it were …

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