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Mar 15

Trump Enters a Manic Phase, Discovers Presidential Power: That’s Not Good

Trump ramps up the ugliness with the promotion of zealot Mike Pompeo and torturer Gina Haspel. What’s next? President Trump had quite a day on Tuesday. He fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in crude and cowardly fashion, announced that he is moving the unqualified CIA director, Mike Pompeo, over to the ghostly halls of …

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Mar 13

Report Discovers Multinational Companies Found Even More Ways to Avoid Taxes Following the Financial Crisis

Since 2000, the amount these businesses pay in taxes has dropped by one third. As growing inequality has steadily increased in American society, major multinational companies have been benefiting from lower and lower tax rates the world over, according to a new report from the Financial Times. The paper conducted a study of the taxes …

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Mar 05

Amid school shootings and Russia’s hacking, Paul Ryan discovers passion and urgency—on tariffs

House Speaker Paul Ryan has exhibited the urgency of a coach potato on everything from the guns that are slaughtering American students and Russia’s assault on our voting systems to the rampant corruption in Donald Trump’s administration and its attack on the foundational principles of our government. But on Monday, Paul Ryan came out swinging!  x …

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