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Jan 19

Robert Reich: Trump’s Tax Cuts Benefit One Group and One Group Only

Shareholders are making out like bandits. The rest of us won't see a dime. The evidence is in: The biggest beneficiaries of the Trump-Republican tax plan are shareholders. Wednesday, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said that “most of the benefits” from the tax cuts “will flow to the bottom-line through dividends and share buybacks over time.” …

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Jan 12

Don Lemon Cuts Mic After Guest Insults Him On-Air While Defending Trump

Click here for reuse options! “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you sit here and insult me,” the host said. During a discussion about President Donald Trump's racist “sh*thole countries” remarks, conservative radio host John Fredericks decided it would be a good time to make racially charged remarks against CNN host Don Lemon. …

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Jan 07

CNN host apologizes to viewers, cuts Trump advisor’s mic after steady stream of propaganda baloney

Stephen Miller, top Trump sycophant and advisor, was part of a small army deployed to the Sunday talk show circuit to convince the American public that Trump is a ‘totally stable genius.’ It was a spectacular fail. Miller was combative from the start, repeatedly insulting Jake Tapper personally and CNN in general, in between utterly bizarre …

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Dec 29

Rubio, finger to the wind, says bill he voted for ‘probably went too far’ with corporate tax cuts

Ooops? Is that what Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is saying about the massive tax cuts bill he voted for? He meant to vote for it, but maybe it’s not such a good thing? Rubio said he expects corporations to pay out higher dividends to shareholders and buy back shares to increase their stock price with …

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Dec 27

Trump regime pushes U.N. budget cuts. But so far they’re not nearly as big as promised

[My apologies. I misinterpreted what I read about this matter. So I am replacing the initial paragraphs with a correction. Those erroneous paragraphs are included at the end of the post. Mea maxima culpa. MB]  *** U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced ebulliently on Sunday that the United States had negotiated a cut …

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Dec 10

How to explain in five minutes or less what happens when the rich get tax cuts

The corporate special interest group spin is that the rich will spend more if only we give them more in the form of tax cuts.   If people buy this story, then they think they’re doing the right thing by giving rich people tax cuts. That is, it doesn’t even matter if all of the benefits of …

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Dec 09

Here are some of the sweet tax cuts Republicans are offering … if you’re already rich

The Republican tax plan is loaded with sweet little windfalls for people who are already rich—provisions you just can’t take advantage of unless you have money to start with. One of the big ones is that claim Republicans love to make about a corporate tax cut leading to businesses investing in new jobs. Except really, corporations …

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Dec 08

The 15 richest families could reap $300 billion from Republican tax cuts

Campaign Action Every year the estate tax—which impacts just 0.2 percent of estates—reaps $ 14 billion for the treasury. Coincidentally, $ 14 billion is about what it takes to run the Children’s Health Insurance Program every year. Both the House and Senate bills propose doubling exemptions to the estate tax, which would bring the total …

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Dec 08

GOP tax cuts hardwire inequity for poor and middle class

The U.S. Senate has now passed the most significant tax “reform” legislation since 1986. The legislation, most pundits believe, will likely become the new law of the land within weeks. What will that mean? We already have all sorts of numbers from reputable researchers on who will now see really big savings on their tax returns (the rich) and who won’t …

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Dec 02

Senate Republicans’ push for massive tax cuts bill has become surreal

If your Friday nights are as scintillating as mine, you’re watching the Senate on C-SPAN2 and glued to Twitter, waiting for the vote on the $ 1.5 trillion tax cut plan, the massive transfer of wealth upward. They haven’t voted yet, and as of now it’s not clear exactly when they vote but it still …

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