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Feb 21

Cartoon: Broken child, grown man

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Feb 17

Cartoon: Trump’s fine military parade

Trump’s military parade happened last year in Charlottesville and throughout the White House. Daily Kos

Feb 15

Cartoon: Trump’s ‘Immigrant Crime Stories Round Up’ warns of dangerous new gang

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Feb 15

Cartoon: Black eye

The President of the US supports wife beaters like Rob Porter, thought you’d like to know. Daily Kos

Feb 13

Cartoon: The selective free speech warrior

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Feb 12

Cartoon: Due process

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Feb 11

‘Our Cartoon President’: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Animating our clown commander-in-chief doesn’t make his impact any less frightening. At the close of his 2016 election night telecast on Showtime, Stephen Colbert left the audience with an aphorism that, viewed from that November’s perch, offered a glimmer of hope. In the face of something that strikes us as horrible, he said, laughter is …

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Feb 10

Cartoon: Crapto-Currency

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Feb 09

Cartoon: Valentines for our awful times

Republicans would be really into Valentine’s Day, if there were more cards about loving disenfranchisement, obstructing justice, and income inequality. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Patreon. Daily Kos

Feb 08

Prominent Newspaper Under Fire for Running Racist Cartoon Targeting Dreamers

Democratic officials call on the Albuquerque Journal to issue a public apology. As the deadline to renew the DREAM Act approaches, the 800,000 mostly young DREAMers have endured abuse from the government and mainstream media alike. They’ve seen themselves become political chess pieces for legislators with little regard for their fate, and have withstood racist and dishonest …

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