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Cartoon: ‘Identity politics’

I’ll have more to say a bit later, but this paragraph from Linda Burnham in the Guardian last year spells it out nicely: It’s never a good idea to enter willingly into a frame your opponent has constructed to entrap you. The term “identity politics” is part of a whole vocabulary including “thought police,” “politically correct,” …

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Cartoon: Need a fixer for your sex secret? ‘Get Cohen on the phone!’

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Cartoon: Cop shooter

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Cartoon: Firing Mueller

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Cartoon: Lie deflector

x Vimeo Video Sigh. If only there really was some contraption we could wear that really would filter out all the lies and fabrications emanating from the Trump administration. Methinks we’re about to enter a crazier, more fast paced phase of White House mayhem. It could be a new and expanded war or a constitutional …

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Cartoon: New hires at The Atlantic

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Cartoon: Free clear backpacks

Marco Rubio and his gun lobby whore colleagues are getting free gifts all the time from their NRA benefactors. It’s so clear to me! Daily Kos

Cartoon: I’ve got a bad feeling about that digital assistant…

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Cartoon: Parkland potshots

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Cartoon: Help!

It’s always the ones screaming the loudest about bias that are the most guilty. But, this example of Orwellian irony boggles the mind. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t working.  Daily Kos