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Mar 20

9 Warning Signs That You Should Avoid a Restaurant

Look for these red flags before placing your order. In the era of Instagram, Yelp, OpenTable, and a seemingly endless flow of food blogs and amateur food critics, it's nearly impossible to go anywhere without a restaurant recommendation. But how do you know that the cute little Italian place your cousin swore served the best …

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Mar 13

Report Discovers Multinational Companies Found Even More Ways to Avoid Taxes Following the Financial Crisis

Since 2000, the amount these businesses pay in taxes has dropped by one third. As growing inequality has steadily increased in American society, major multinational companies have been benefiting from lower and lower tax rates the world over, according to a new report from the Financial Times. The paper conducted a study of the taxes …

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Mar 02

Fox News Will Do Anything to Avoid Talking About the Latest Jared Kushner Scandal

It's not just Sean Hannity. Even the news network's website has buried the story. If you get your news from either Fox News’ top-rated prime-time lineup of conservative hosts or the network’s influential Fox & Friends morning show, you remain blissfully unaware of the series of scandals that have consumed Jared Kushner, a top White House aide …

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Feb 16

Scott Pruitt makes it clear—He flies first class to avoid the dirty hippies at the back of the plane

Why does EPA chief Scott Pruitt require an absolutely unprecedented army of at least 30 personal security guards? Why did he clear a whole floor of the EPA for his private use? Why did he institute a new security system within the security system to keep people out of the building, and a $ 25,000 …

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Feb 13

Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?

Steve Keen explains how mainstream economics is failing us. Left Out, a podcast produced by Paul, Sliker, Dante Dallavalle, and Michael Palmieri, creates in-depth conversations with the most interesting political thinkers, heterodox economists, and organizers on the Left. Follow Left Out on Twitter: @leftoutpodcast In this episode, Left Out speaks with Professor Steve Keen about his latest book, Can …

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Feb 07

Julian Assange is running out of options to avoid extradition to the U.S.

Julian Assange has spent more than five years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London avoiding arrest and extradition. The original reason for his dramatic relocation has become moot, but he remains on the hook for violating bail conditions related to that charge—and at risk of extradition to the U.S. to face charges related to the publication of leaked, classified …

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Jan 25

Men, Here’s One Easy Way to Avoid Being a Sexual Harasser at Work

Click here for reuse options! Don't be this guy. Workplaces across the country are on high alert for sexual harassment as the #MeToo movement takes down one office predator after another. Sexual harassment awareness in the workplace is a hotter topic than ever, spawning nuanced conversations about what is and isn’t appropriate at work. No one …

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Jan 13

Homeschool group lobbies to avoid oversight—of abuse, not just educational practices

If it’s horrifying and involves education, you can bet Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s education secretary, will be interested in it: In May, [the Home School Legal Defense Association] met with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to urge her not to let federal dollars go to home-schoolers. The conservative evangelical Christian group, which has 85,000 dues-paying members and was …

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Jan 08

Donald Trump’s Legal Team Has a Laughable Plan to Avoid an Interview with Robert Mueller

One U.S. attorney puts the odds of it working "between infinitesimally small and zero." President Donald Trump’s lawyers are mapping their strategy for an expected interview request by special counsel Robert Mueller. The president’s outside legal team are discussing a range of potential options and compromises in hopes of avoiding a face-to-face interview, reported NBC …

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Dec 22

Trump’s UN Threat Backfires After Canada Changes Its Vote to Avoid Being Seen as His ‘Puppet’: Report

Despite Trump’s threats, the UN General Assembly is still expected to vote overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution. President Donald Trump on Wednesday issued a direct threat against countries that voted in favor of a United Nations resolution that condemned the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “They take hundreds of millions of dollars and …

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