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Mar 20

Trump’s New Legal Attack Dog Is a Longtime GOP Hitman and Conspiracy-Monger

Joe diGenova goes back to the Lewinsky scandal and has been spreading Clinton-FBI conspiracy theories since 2016. Twenty years ago last month, Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, then of the Washington Post, published a flattering profile called “The Power Couple at Scandal's Vortex” about a couple of D.C. lawyers who suddenly seemed to be everywhere, making …

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Mar 19

Republicans respond—or mostly don’t—to Trump’s attack on Mueller

Donald Trump is threatening a constitutional crisis by directly attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller, so what are Republicans going to do about it? Though some Republicans had already, in theory, signed on to legislation preventing Trump from unilaterally firing Mueller, they also insisted that there was no urgency to that because he wasn’t going to do …

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Mar 18

Trump ‘fake memos’ attack on McCabe raises fears of firing special counsel

Tweet claims FBI deputy never took notes when meeting president Jeff Flake: Trump ‘seems to be building towards’ firing Mueller Donald Trump cast doubt on memos of conversations between him and the fired FBI deputy director that have reportedly been handed to Robert Mueller, claiming Andrew McCabe did not take notes during their meetings. Continue …

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Mar 15

Even Republicans Are Horrified by This Kentucky Governor’s Attack on Protesting Teachers

One prominent GOP official calls Matt Bevin's remarks "indefensible." Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin sparked outrage Wednesday after he called teachers who oppose efforts to cut pension benefits “selfish” and “ignorant.” As kentucky.com reports, Bevin told WVLC Tuesday that the teachers protesting Senate Bill 1—which would cut billions of dollars in benefits for teachers—are disloyal Americans, like ration …

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Mar 13

Trump dodges confirming Russia responsible for attack as another Putin critic is found dead in UK

Donald Trump is still refusing to say anything for sure though he has at least, reluctantly, mentioned the “R” word. “It sounds to me like it would be Russia based on all the evidence they have. It sounds to me like they believe it was Russia and I would certainly take that finding as fact. As soon as …

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Mar 13

Remember how Mike Pompeo egged on WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during the campaign?

The musical cabinet chairs game Trump unleashed this morning could put a torture overseer in charge of the CIA. She would be replacing the guy who is being kicked up to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. The guy who, as then-House Intelligence Committee chairman was also deep in the Trump campaign and eyeball deep in …

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Mar 12

White House refuses to support UK claim that Russia was behind nerve agent attack

The latest White House non-reaction to a Russian act of chemical warfare against the citizens of one of our closet allies is, at least at this point, conspicuous silence. In today’s press conference White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was specifically asked about the United Kingdom’s assertion that the exposure of up to 500 …

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Mar 03

Immediately after Parkland, internet conspiracy theorists set to work to attack the survivors

The internet’s more terrible corners were quick to plot how they could best cause further injury to the nation’s latest mass shooting survivors. A Washington Post review of thousands of posts on sites such as 8chan, 4chan and Reddit showed how people on online forums worked aggressively to undermine news reports about a troubled teen …

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Feb 26

Trump renews attack on Florida deputy: ‘I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon’

The president renewed his criticism of officers outside the Florida school, while speaking to lawmakers who returned to session Monday Donald Trump has renewed his criticism of an armed sheriff’s deputy who failed to enter a high school in Parkland, Florida during a mass shooting this month, saying he would have run into the building …

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Feb 20

Right wing pundits attack student survivors of mass shooting, and Donald Trump Jr approves

The students of  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida have proven to be compelling when they tell the story of the mass slaughter at their school, articulate when they voice their frustration at how this problem has only gotten worse over their lifetimes, forceful in refusing to be silenced by those supposedly more powerful, …

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