Stand up! Point a finger at Donald Trump and brand him ‘Murderer’

Donald Trump: J’accuse…!

Those of us who have not overdosed on Fox Fake News know Trump is a liar, crook, and grifter, as well as an incompetent, blustering, egomaniacal, racist, sexist, xenophobic Islamophobe. 

The headlines are full of Trump FAIL and Trump lies, 24/7. 

So once, just once, I’d like to hear a Congress member, or senator, or White House press pool journalist stand up to him, point a finger, and call him out as a murderer. 

Trump’s campaign has had no problem lobbing that spurious claim at Democrats.

On Saturday, President Trump’s official reelection campaign released a provocative new ad that claimed Democrats are somehow “complicit” in murders committed by undocumented immigrants.

Trump is more than complicit in bearing responsibility for inflicting death and destruction on 3.3 million members of the American populace.

I’ve had it up to here with the president of the United States, the commander-in- chief, leader of a crew of Republican quislings and toadies who are killing Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans.

Trump’s spurious claim to “Making America Great Again” has landed us in the record books.


Six months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s power outage is the world’s second largest blackout ever

— Denise Oliver-Velez (@Deoliver47) April 12, 2018

Standing by and watching people die, without lifting a finger to stop it, is murder.

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