Feb 13

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If everyone can just stay quiet this morning, there are a couple of good stories that have been waiting in the wings for a while. But I don’t hold out much hope, with the Trump budget now floating around out there. Maybe that and Infrastructure Week VII will keep things relatively calm.

Actually, I think I just jinxed it. Crap! Man, I hope this doesn’t go full nuclear.

Well, cross your fingers and hang on. We’ll see what kind of show we end up having to do today.

Nice Trumpy! Shh. Stay calm, boy. Niiiiice, Trumpy. Here’s your ice cream. Yeah, you like that. Shhh.

Wow, I hope that worked.

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For now, how about one on the house? Here’s what we did last time out, on our LIVE show:

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Palace intrigue roils a mighty empire, and David Waldman can’t get enough of it. But first, back to our soap opera: Donald takes the fire and fury truck around for another infrastructure lap, but you know he prefers demolition. Is Mike Pence against North Korea? Unity? Good will? Mutual understanding? Fair play? Peace? Standing up? America? Armando calls in to talk about how North Korea is running rings around us. KITM’s esteemed poet laureate (Get a shot!) Greg Dworkin declares that Donald Trump isn’t very good at presidenting, and he has evidence to back himself up. Donald Trump became president of the United States of Men today. You’ve come a long way buddy. Donald wants you to know that he secretly hates the abuse of women, because somehow that’s better? What did John Kelly see in Rob Porter? Rob Porter Is a national security scandal, too. A second wife beater is tossed to the curb. She didn’t come forward because she was jealous, she came forward because she was abused. Accountability is coming for the White House. Once the Democratic rebuttal is released (The White House demands they first redact that “ic” from the title of their organization.) Devin Nunes has 5 more baking in the crazy oven. How did Nunes become such a loon? This time, the cover-up won’t be worse than the crime. Hope Hicks… it’s always the quiet one. Scott Pruitt might be behaving a bit gauche for the Donald’s tastes. The guy paid to chase Donald Trump’s ethics has either the hardest or easiest job in Washington. Remember that lie about the border agent’s death? It might take a while to get updates from some on that story.

(Thanks to Scott Anderson for the show summary! Please help me pay him more!)

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