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The Blue Wave 2018, Will It Last?


                      The biggest fear I have is that the Blue Wave we are expecting in 2018 will fizzle out, if not in 2018, then in 2020. If the Blue Wave happens as expected and ‘we win’, we cannot allow ourselves to fall back and rest …

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Noise Pollution has a Negative Impact on Our Society & Should Be Treated With More Urgency!

Loud neighbors blasting sub woofers, radios, TV’s & Video Games. Cars with the music so loud you can hear them from well over a mile away ! Malls & Restaurants with music so loud you have to literally shout to your friends sitting 3 feet away from you so they can hear you? Trains & …

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Trump & Republicans Have Blood on Their Hands in Parkland, FL School Shooting

Trump rescinds Obama’s Executive Order denying mentally ill people from purchasing guns. Republicans repealed Reagan’s ban on Assault Weapons. Every time their is another mass shooting they get out their ‘thoughts & prayers’ cut & paste memos and just change the date & location instead of trying to solve the real problem at hand. Instead …

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Who’s Responsible For Trump?

Who is responsible for Trump and his rise to power? The debate goes on about how Trump got elected and why and probably will for years to come. The biggest take I get from the whole mess is that we all are responsible to varying degrees. For far too long too many of us have …

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