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A Brief Observation About Our President

Roughly speaking, there are three institutions that can investigate a president: The press The opposition party in Congress The FBI and the Justice Department Donald Trump has declared war on all three. Coincidence? Mother Jones

Quote of the Day: Always Remember Your Twitter Password!

From Hawaii Governor David Ige, explaining why it took him so long to tell everyone that the missile alert a couple of weeks ago was a mistake: I have to confess that I don’t know my Twitter account log-ons and the passwords, so certainly that’s one of the changes that I’ve made. I suppose that’s …

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He Uses Broadway Show Tunes to Make a Mockery of Donald Trump, and It’s Beautiful and Viral

QuickHoney Donald Trump may be a disaster for America, but he’s a click machine for singer-satirist Randy Rainbow, a 36-year-old New Yorker who has soared to social-media fame with a series of hilarious musical videos that roast the president and his minions. “Every time something happens with this fakakta administration, there’s more material,” says Rainbow—his real name, …

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Courts Keep Thwarting North Carolina Republicans. So They’re Trying to Remake the Courts.

North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature has repeatedly passed controversial laws in recent years only to have them thrown out in court. Now the legislature is striking back with an effort to radically transform the makeup of the state’s courts. Courts have overturned 14 laws passed by the legislature since 2011, including redistricting maps for the House …

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Abortion Rights Didn’t Just Happen. Women Fought and Won.

This story originally appeared on I lived the first three and a half decades of my life in a world that for the vast majority of women today would be unimaginably brutal, like seeing a film in which a young girl is hanged by the neck until dead for stealing a loaf of bread. …

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A Three-Day Shutdown Is About All West Point Can Handle

On Monday, as federal agencies kicked off the first workday of the government shutdown, the United States Military Academy at West Point faced a question that’s been plaguing the nation’s five military colleges: Who would teach classes for its more than 4,000 cadets? Civilian faculty members, who comprise roughly a quarter of West Point’s faculty, …

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There’s No Such Thing as Populist Conservative Economic Policy

Over at National Review, Peter Spiliakos writes that Sen. Tom Cotton’s sterling hardline performance in the immigration standoff has strengthened his chance of being president someday: He was the most effective Trump surrogate and has earned the “fighter” reputation that Cruz wanted so desperately. He needs a broader populist economic policy to go along with …

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Christopher Wray Is Finally Fed Up With Trump’s War Against the FBI

The Republican obsession with FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is too bizarre to bother trying to explain. The nickel version is that he’s literally done nothing wrong, but details are here if you really want to torture yourself. The end result of this jihad, however, has been an increasing drumbeat to fire McCabe even though …

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We Are All Just Overclocked Chimpanzees

Having spent the weekend arguing about whose “fault” the government shutdown was, we have moved on. The government is back up and running and we’re now obsessed with who “won.” So who did win? Beats me. On the one hand, Democrats caved by agreeing to yet another continuing resolution that doesn’t restore DACA. On the …

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Trump Slashes Jobs in Solar Industry

America first, bitches: The Trump administration announced Monday that it would impose hefty tariffs on the cheap, imported panels that have driven the rapid expansion of solar power in the United States, a move that industry groups warned would slow the spread of renewable energy and cost thousands of jobs….Companies that install solar panels will …

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